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Travel Tins

Travel Tins

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Perfect sized candle for when you are on the go! 

EUCALYPTUS & LEMON: A pleasing blend of eucalyptus & lemon. The clean, fresh and juicy citrus scent of lemon blended with the minty, pine notes of eucalyptus are sure to stimulate your senses. 

SAGE: An earthy, herbal scent with notes of sweet apple. A truly relaxation inducing fragrance.

MAGNOLIA & GARDENIA: A floral medley of gardenia and magnolia. Fragrant, lush gardenia complimented by jasmine and greenery notes in magnolia. A true floral scent.

LUSH AMBER: Fresh greens, patchouli and lily are all delicately balanced in this fragrance. There are also some small notes of sandalwood with a hint of vanilla. 

BLACK CURRANT: Rich black currants and blackberries are the center of this fragrance. There are also notes of saffron, anise and patchouli.

LAVENDER MUSK: A classic and fresh lavender. Think lavender fields in fresh bloom with a hint of musk.

OAT MILK & HONEY: Soothing, warm oats with the sweet notes of honey, almond and vanilla. A soft and delicate scent. 

OUD & GRAPEFRUIT: A bubbly mixture of grapefruit and tangerine balanced with notes of rum, musk, tonka and sweet resin. This fragrance is bright and earthy.


LONEZ SCENTS candles are made from 100% soy wax grown in the USA - creating a clean, environmentally friendly burn. 

  • 3 oz
  • 20 hour burn time 
  • cotton wick
  • no dyes added
  • phthalate free
  • lead free
  • zinc free