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Black & Transparent was inspired by our passion surrounding the importance of tending to your mental health, especially in the black and brown community. Resources and practices such as therapy and meditation have, historically, been seen as taboo in some of our cultures. This has led to the neglect of overall well-being which can impact the individual and their surrounding loved ones. We want to encourage openness about your feelings and expressing/sharing them through a healthy medium. Many of us are additionally trying to break generational curses and set up a foundation of mental wellness for our future generations. We are all much more than the anxiety, depression, trauma and anger we sometimes face. Below is an ever-growing list of resources you can use to be proactive on your mental health journey.

  • The Loveland Foundation - a website offering resources catered towards black women with an initiative to assist in the financial costs of therapy for black women and girls nationwide.
  • Therapy for Black Girls - a website actively challenging the stigma behind therapy and providing resources for black women to explore their mental health.
  • Therapy for Black Men - offers the same resources as Therapy for Black Girls but tailored towards Black Men.
  • Inclusive Therapists - therapists for marginalized groups who have experienced micro-aggressions, prejudice, language and other barriers.
  • Ethel's Club - a community based site and safe space for people of color promoting being your true self while also negating ism's and phobias.
  • The Safe Place -  an app that address the ways the black community deals with mental illness through our experiences with racism, police brutality and so forth. It offers tips such as exercise, meditation and other coping mechanisms.
  • Elevate -  an app dedicated to addressing the issues unique to the black community and how to overcome those adversities in a healthy way. 

  • Texas based Mobile Crisis Outreach Teamsprovide face-to-face help to people who are at risk of harm to self or others. Available 24/7 and 365.

  • Sunshine Behavioral Health - This will link to  guide that was created to discuss the impact of Racism and Discrimination on the Mental Health of Black Communities. It expands on how racial trauma has affected the mental health of Black communities for generations and disparities in access to mental health resources.