Votive Return System

We’re excited to share that we’ve started our Votive Return System! If you bring us your empty Lonez Scents glass votive we will offer you 15% off of your next purchase. *restrictions apply*

We try our best to be mindful of our impact on the environment. We believe that everyone in any industry can make changes to be more environmentally conscious. Our Votive Return System allows customers to make sure their votives are going to be immediately reused without having to go through a recycling system.

How it works:
1. Simply follow us on social media or subscribe to our email list to see which Pop-Ups we will be at. We usually do a few a month so hopefully you can find one that is convenient for you to meet us at.

2. Bring in your used Lonez Scents votive. It does not have to be cleaned of wax or label residue. We can handle that.

3. We will honor 15% off of your entire Lonez Scents purchase. This applies to Conversation & Art Candle Collections only.

4. If there is a certain candle you’d like for us to hold for you to ensure the candle you want is available in person, please DM or email us.

*Valid in person only
*Applies to Conversation & Art Candle Collections only
*You do NOT have to purchase the same type of candle whose votive you are returning. ie: A Conversation Candle votive May be returned for 15% off of a new Art Candle